Pear Logic is a full service web firm helping businesses create an online presence through impressive web designs, creative brand development and full application development. We understand technology so you don't have to. Pear Logic makes the process simple. Find out how we can help your business grow.

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A very popular open source Content Management Solution (CMS) that is used all over the world. We have top notch experience with this solution and have done multiple implmentations.
This is a another Content Management Solution (CMS) that is typically used for smaller sites. We have done several implementation of WordPress and in fact, this site is built on this technology.
Need to add some animations to your site. We can do it using this technology. It’s not as popular as it used to be, but if you need to spice up your site with animation, then flash is the solution for you.
Need to style a site? We can make the site look exactly how you would like using CSS styling and make your site responsive to mobile and tablet devices.
We are well versed with developing using Javascript for our clients. We deep experience using other Javascript libraries/technologies just as JQuery, Mootools and AJAX to name a few.
Using the Objective-C programming language we have experience in developing mobile applications on Apple’s operating system (iOS). Check out our portfolio for samples of apps we have developed.
An open source database platform which is very popular with developers. We have used this extensively for our clients. We also have used Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database servers.
We have deep experience developing in PHP. It’s a power programming language that is used by millions of developers. As an example, both WordPress and Drupal are based on this programming language.
This is an very powerful technology that is becoming more and more prevalent amongst developers. It essentially allows integration between 3rd party sites such as WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Many big sites now have API’s to encourage developers to interact with their website.

Why Choose Us

      • Strong business acumen paired with deep understanding of technology
      • Responsive and flexible to client requests
      • Competitive cost structure
      • Agency quality work
      • Ongoing support and maintenance post launch

What Our Client Have To Say

As a technology Consulting Company, Digital Dynamics has found over the years that Pear Logic consistently surprises us with their increasing level of service. In the several years that we have been using Pear Logic we have never had a concern once we turn them loose on a project. Three words sum up Pear Logic. “Trustworthy”, “Professionalism” and “Thorough”.
S. Florez, Digital Dynamics
We are ecstatic with our new company web site that Pear Logic developed for us. The difference in look, design and functionality is night and day and has been an invaluable upgrade to our company’s image. We’re also excited to get started on the next phase of upgrading our client’s web sites….I can’t wait!”