About Pear Logic

Welcome to Pear Logic Founded in 2004, Pear Logic Co. is a Chicago Web design, web development and Search Engine Marketing (SEO) company. Pear Logic offers an attractive and competitive cost structure to its clients, which include some of the following: Motorola, Soldier Field, Discover, Fox Valley Park District and Cars.com to name a few.


Clients and Testimonials

"We are very grateful for the partnership formed between Pear Logic and our company, Monterrey Security. Pear Logic's innovative and forward thinking challenged us to produce the best results for our projects. They work in a dynamic environment that allows their teams to quickly adjust their approach when the need arises. Pear Logic's expertise is unparalled even after the project is done. We can still count on them to respond immediately. We look forward to many years of successful projects as our organization continues to grow."

J. Gaytan President, Monterrey Security http://www.monterreysecurity.com

"Pear Logic impressed us immediately with their complete understanding of our project. They stepped up to deliver a quality site within aggressive time constraints and still had time to think of innovative and creative solutions for our project. Their friendliness and enthusiasm made for a great working experience and their dedication to deadlines has kept us on track. Cars.com has already asked them to complete another project for us this year and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality web design work."

J. Brennan Communications Manager, Cars.com http://www.cars.com

"Pear Logic has been an integral part of our successful rebranding campaign over the past 5 years since the stadium reopened. Pear Logic took the time to understand our needs and creatively developed options for a website that was captivating, user-friendly, and resourceful. They were nothing but accommodating, creative and professional in assisting us complete the various tasks needed to achieve all these goals. We are extremely happy with them, even 5+ years later, as they proactively suggest new ideas and constantly work to minimize their client's website concerns."

L. Serra Director of Marketing, Soldier Field http://www.soldierfield.net

"Pear Logic has been a life-saver and a breath of fresh air. Their ability to grasp our vision, and create it from scratch was simply fabulous. And when our objectives changed (which they did quite often) Pear Logic demonstrated the flexibility and nimbleness a fast-paced dynamic organization needs. They were on-time or early on all timelines, and always under budget. Never any 'hidden surprises' or 'fine print' that comes back to haunt you. I'll use them again and again!"

T. Manganiello CEO, Centricity, Inc. http://www.debtfree.com

"As a technology Consulting Company, Digital Dynamics has found over the years that Pear Logic consistently surprises us with their increasing level of service. In the several years that we have been using Pear Logic we have never had a concern once we turn them loose on a project. Three words sum up Pear Logic. 'Trustworthy', 'Professionalism' and 'Thorough'."

S. Florez CEO, Digital Dynamics Corp. http://www.epodd.com

"As an educational institution, we appreciate how Pear Logic collaborates with and responds to the workings of a large school . Innovative thinking, quick turnaround, and the latest in technology are just the Pear Logic basics. Their real strength is the ability to see a project through and get the job done. A big plus!"

C. Shirakawa Development Director Near North Montessori

"We are ecstatic with our new company web site that Pear Logic developed for us. The difference in look, design and functionality is night and day and has been an invaluable upgrade to our company's image. We're also excited to get started on the next phase of upgrading our client's web sites....I can't wait!"

"Working with Pear Logic was incredible. Being in the service business, Kappa Search knows the importance and value of timely responses, insightful answers and the ability to simply make it happen.We put in a lot of time to formulate a site which they took to the next level. The Pear Logic staff continually impressed us with their work ethic, professionalism, attention to detail, ease of communication (at any time) and most importantly the RESULTS! We would welcome anyone to work with them. If you are looking for a great website at a very competitive rate, give them a call."

A. Pepple Marketing Director http://www.kappasearch.com
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